About Mindy

I’ve been in pain for the last 14 years. It might not look like it, but it’s true. Yes, the pain has been physical (constant headaches, frequent migraines, and debilitating fatigue), but what has had even more difficult is the emotional pain caused by the physical pain. It has often left me staggering with the impact of anxiety, depression, hopelessness and frustration. For years I felt like there was no hope for returning to an energetic and pain free life. I was afraid that the physical pain would hold me back from being who I really was and from being who I was made to be. When my knees and elbows ached I wondered if I would be able to hike again or if I would have to stop riding my motorcycle. I asked if I would ever have the energy to get up before dawn so I could take photos at sunrise. Would I ever have enough energy to fulfill my dream of becoming a health coach? And, except for small moments, the pain did hold me back.

But eventually I got tired of feeling hopeless and depressed. I decided that I was going to take my destiny into my own hands. I would look for my own solutions and find ways, even if they were very small, to live passionately and to become who I was meant to be. This blog is about moving forward in spite of the pain. It’s about my journey to find physical health, happiness, and a life of passion. It’s also about my desire to share this journey with others who have struggled like I have.

This is me with my foot at the starting line. Daring to defy the nay saying voices in my head. I may not be eloquent or able to put my thoughts on paper as well as I would like but I’m going to do it anyway. This is a practice of becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable. I’m going to be writing about my life, my insatiable desire to learn more about health and nutrition, the trials and triumphs of living with multiple chronic illnesses, the ways I’m learning to live with passion, my desire to help others who have struggled with chronic illness, anxiety, and depression, and the curvy road that is my personal and emotional growth.

I am a health coach, therapist, addictions counselor and yoga teacher who is passionate about helping others find true health and happiness. It’s my hope that in sharing my journey I can help at least one other soul find their way. If you would like my help on your journey please feel free to contact me.

Welcome to the adventure!



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